A patient wearing a nasal cannula sits upright in a Hillrom bed while his clinician listens to his heart with a stethoscope

Everywhere there is care, we are there

Choose your care setting to see how our innovations help us meet you wherever you are — from the intimacy of the primary care office, to the diverse and often critical care needs within the hospital, to the comfort of a patient’s own home.



Hospital Care

A female clinician converses with a male patient who is lying in a hospital bed.

Intensive Care

In the ICU, clinicians and patients take on some of their greatest challenges. We see you — and we’re supporting you with actionable insights, timely interventions and a strong focus on efficiency.

Medical Surgical

Every moment you spend with patients counts. We’re here to help you connect each of those moments of care with actionable insights and efficient workflows.

Nurse with patient in bed



Surgical Care

A group of doctors work under a surgical light while wearing surgical scrubs.

Operating Room

In dynamic surgical environments, efficiency and outcomes go hand in hand. We’re at your side, helping you deliver both by protecting — and connecting — the patients and clinicians who are counting on you.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

As case volumes rise, are you ready to take your ambulatory surgery center to the next level? We’ve got your back with scalable, standardized solutions from the waiting room to discharge and beyond.

A clinician wearing a mask and protective glasses looks down at a supine female patient.



Primary Care

A smiling female clinician listens to the heartbeat of an elderly male patient with a stethoscope.

Primary Care

In primary care, you’re on the front line of patient care. That’s why we’re enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment to help you identify, diagnose and manage the many challenging conditions impacting your patients — and your practice.



Home HealthCare

Home Healthcare

With smart collaboration, care can happen anywhere. Learn how we are shifting care closer to home to help you serve your patients where they are.

A male patient checks his blood pressure in a home environment.